Air Conditioning

Whether at work or at home, we know the value of a quality air conditioning system. Rest assured, we at Pepper Mechanical Services offer quality service you can count on. We are proud to offer both commercial and residential air conditioning services. We guarantee we will never take advantage of our customers.  And our technicians are honest and experienced and take pride in their work.


There is never a convenient time for your air conditioning system to fail. But if it does, our skilled master technicians diagnose the issue and determine the best strategy for efficient and economical repairs. We work hard to get your air conditioning system running at top quality as soon as possible. If your unit can’t be fixed, we will work with you to determine the replacement option that works best for you. Pepper Mechanical specializes in commercial work. From start to finish we work with the project manager to complete duct work and install your new system in a timely and efficient manner. You can count on our team to help you reduce waste energy while providing lower operational costs and improved comfort .
Air Conditioning

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Appointment was made for less than a week after I called & with summer coming i was very happy. Started with a 2 hr window and then narrowed it to an appt time as it got closer. simple calls or texts kept me updated. They made appointment for 10 am (i felt a stated time was likely optimistic as i was obviously not the first appt of the day) and it was delayed to 11 but i was contacted immediately by the company & then by the driver that he was coming. He examined & thoroughly cleaned the unit. Topped all fluids, checked all temps in less than an hour. went over everything. amazingly polite, helpful, didn’t overcharge and walked me through what i needed to know about when i need to replace my a/c unit. it's running better than it has in years. Newer company and they don’t have a square set up so i did have to pay by check (which i had to search for), but they'll have that fixed soon I'm sure. Really, call these guys. you wont regret it.

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