Indoor Air Quality

Never has indoor air quality been more important than it is in today’s society. We at Pepper Mechanical Services work hard to improve your home or business’ air quality ensuing a healthy and comfortable environment. Rest assured, we offer quality service you can count on. We guarantee we will never take advantage of our customers. And our technicians are honest and experienced and take pride in their work.
As society navigates its way through this global pandemic, domestic businesses are faced with finding economical air quality systems. Employee protection is essential – both for the good of the individual and your company. Whether your business is healthcare, manufacturing, or institutional or commercial enterprise, we at Pepper Mechanical Services are prepared to assist in protecting your workforce initiatives both during and after this current healthcare crisis.

We offer indoor air quality services on:

What is your air quality?

  • Level 1 – Clean Hygienic Air – Very Good
  • Level 2 – Good Air Quality – Good
  • Level 3 – Noticeable Comfort Concerns – Medium
  • Level 4 – Significant Comfort Issues – Poor
  • Level 5 – Unacceptable Conditions – Bad