Linda Foltz Blakemore Testimonial

My brand new tenant, who had just moved into my newly acquired rental property only days before, called frantic and angry that she had no air condition on the hottest day of the year! I was out of town! I turned to my trusty list of HVAC contractors. Unfortunately, despite the long business history and gobs of referrals I had given and money I had spent, all were too busy for me!

Thank goodness a great friend referred me to Pepper Mechanical HVAC.

Although he and I had no previous business relationship, without question, Mike raced to my rescue. He assessed the situation, made a few small adjustments and got the AC working.

I knew that HVAC unit was on its last leg when I purchased the property only weeks before, but I hoped to have a little time to get a few bids. Life didn’t give me that luxury. As it turned out, I didn’t need any other bids. Pepper Mechanical’s bid was far lower than any other estimate I had ever gotten from any other professional – ever years earlier.

They did what they said they were going to do. They showed up when they promised. They finished on time. They cleaned up after themselves. And they even refunded me $35.00 when I accidentally overpaid them.

I’ve been in residential real estate and property management for almost 30 years. I’ve collected a long list of reputable professionals that I turn to personally and to whom I refer my clients. Pepper Mechanical HVAC tops that list! they are trust worthy, hardworking, honest, and the best price in town! I enthusiastically recommend Pepper Mechanical to anyone in need of their services.

-Linda Lee Blakemore


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